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Setting Up Google Search Console

Setting up Google Search Console

Are you wondering how to make your website appear in Google search results faster?

Google Search Console is a tool that manages visibility of your website in Google and inform you about any errors.

By using this tool you can send a request to Google to recrawl or index your entire website by adding a sitemap, or certain subpages, which have been recently changed and you want the changes to appear faster in Google search results.

Structured data on a website

What is Structured data (Rich snippets)?

Structured data allow your website displaying special search results in Google.
If you run an eCommerce store, a blog with articles or recipes, a job agency or you just want to make sure that your clients can always reach for information about your company, then rich snippets will be beneficial for your business.

How to add structured data to a website?

To add Structured data to your website you need to edit your website’s source files or install a plugin, if you use WordPress, which will enable editing them in the admin panel.
Google Search Console can check if your rich snippets are properly prepared and display a preview of the results.

Adding Rich Snippets to a Website

Help with Google Search Console and Structured data

Do you need help with implementing Rich snippets or setting up Google Search Console? We will help you with that, teach you how to use those tools and recommend what information should be placed in structured data.

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