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Shopify business

Selling on Shopify

Setting up a Shopify store

Shopify is a platform that allows creating an eCommerce store. After choosing one of the paid plans, you have to pay a monthly subscription.

You can read more details on the official Shopify website.

Do you need help with managing your existing Shopify store? Whether you want to make some visual changes to the website or need someone to maintain the website, you should give us a call. Let’s discuss different options and possibilities for your store.

Choosing an eCommerce platform

Is Shopify the right choice for an eCommerce store?

There are many platforms that offer creating an online store. Choosing the right one requires considering several important aspects.

Shopify is located in North America, so some data will be stored there. The platform has data centers around the World, so your website will always load fast.

Launching a Shopify store

Do you want to launch an eCommerce store, but you are not sure which option will be the most suitable for your business?

It is a serious decision for every company, so there are many factors to consider. We can present you available options and help to decide and also implement the right solution.

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