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Creating a new website

Creating a new website

From a project in mind, to a real profit

Before starting to work on the project, we will collect instructions from you about what information should be included on the website, what functionality the website should have, what’s more, we will need to prepare texts and multimedia, which will be displayed on various pages.
Also, we will talk about a domain and hosting that will be used to launch the site. If you already have a domain and hosting, we will try to adapt created website to the hosting environment, otherwise we will recommend you a few options.

In our opinion, every website is different, so it’s hard to give you estimated cost and time, which we need to finish the project, before hearing your expectations. After collecting all details and understanding your company business needs, we will prepare an estimate and tell you how long it will take to create the website.

After finishing the project, we will provide you a training, so that you will be able to add, edit and delete dynamic content of the site by yourself.
Additionally, for a year, we will ensure that the website works without any interruptions.

Redesigning your current website

Adaptation to changes

Changes to the current website may involve creating a new design, expending the functionality, focusing on lowering the Bounce Rate, which is the percentage of visitors, who almost immediately leave the website, or simply changing the entire website. Depending on the technology that is behind your website, some actions cannot be made or maintaining the website in the long-run is unprofitable.

After all, redesigning a website from time to time is crucial, as search engines prefer to serve fresh information to their users. Older websites gradually lose their positions in search results.

We will check to what changes your website qualifies and then we will advise you what should be changed, so that the website meets current standards.
We do our best to adjust our actions to expectations and needs of our clients and their businesses, keeping in mind good practices for web development.

Mobile friendly web development

Launching an eCommerce store on Shopify

Ready-to-use platform vs individually prepared eCommerce store

The choice in this case requires a few key things to think about.
Platforms like Shopify are a good choice for small and mid-size companies, which don’t need full control of every aspect of their online stores. Usually, it’s hard to fully customize ready-to-use solutions to your expectations, so the design or functionality may be less personalised to your needs.
On the other hand, you get everything you need to start online selling under your brand and create online presence for your business.

Available Shopify packages

During the purchase, you choose between „Basic Shopify”, „Shopify” and „Advanced Shopify”. These packages cost monthly $29, $79 and $299 respectively.
Differences between them include quantity of staff accounts, availability of reports about sales, fee rates that the platform charges for each transaction, quantity of foreign languages that you are allowed to use, availability of custom domains and a few other things.
The exact comparison you can find on Shopify’s pricing page.

What help you can get from us

If your company wants to start online selling on this platform, we can prepare the entire store according to collected guidelines from you and with close collaboration between our companies.
We’ll need to prepare texts for various pages, product descriptions and multimedia that will enrich the content of your store and displayed products.
We will take care of initial search engine optimization and create a design, aimed at user experience.
For companies that already sell on this platform, we offer help with increasing conversion rate (CRO) and getting higher position in search results (SEO).

Contact us for more details and individually prepared offer.

Use of open-source software - WordPress

Benefits of using WordPress

Despite many free open-source solutions available on the market, WordPress is the only good option.
It allows to build brand awareness on the Internet for small businesses, which don’t necessarily need custom functionality prepared for them.
WordPress has rich library of plugins, which additionally expand the website in a direction that is more suited for its business needs.

Installation of WordPress

Usually, the installation doesn’t take a lot of time, however, after it’s done, we need to set up the website.
It contains preparing components of our website, writing texts, creating subpages, embedding images and displaying all details about the company, which will be visible to people visiting the website.
Like everything in web development business, the process of preparing a website built on top of WordPress should implement best practices and standards, which will reflect professionalism of your company.


Providing your customers with the best user experience

A position on the first page of search results provides a wave of potential new customers, with no need of spending money on paid marketing campaigns.

Search engine optimization covers many different aspects, including attractiveness of the content, the way your website displays on different devices and more.
The factors affecting algorithms that Google, Bing and other search engines describe in their documentations and things that we know about from various experiments on their effectiveness, we try to gradually implement, while working on websites for our clients.





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  • The latest SEO trends
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  • Free SSL (DV) certificate
  • Free migration
  • Billed annually
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The performance of hosting also has an impact on the quality of user experience, as it’s one of the things that determine how fast the website is loaded.

The hosting offered by us allows to use websites built in PHP, Python, Ruby and Node.js.
Also, provides a broad access to open-source software, including Wordpress.


Managing a website is usually the last task taken into consideration. Although it’s less important, it still requires responsibility, as incompetent actions may cause a lot of troubles with bringing everything to its original state.

If you need a permanent business partner, who will take care of managing your website, we can prepare an individual offer, based on your needs.






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