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React website development

Modern websites with React

Component based websites

React.JS is a library created and maintained by Facebook. It is used to build user interfaces and modern websites, which use API.
React.JS is used on more advanced websites, where the architecture is divided into back-end and front-end.

Benefits of dividing the architecture into back-end and front-end

  • More interactive website
  • Website’s logic divided into components
  • Independently working layers of the application

Server-side rendering using Next.JS

If you want your app to be well positioned in search results, then Next.JS will be a better solution for you, while keeping all the benefits of using React.JS.

What is Next.JS?

It is a framework, which combines React.JS library, server-side rendering and a few other improvements. Working with Next.JS is only slightly different from React.JS.

Why Next.JS is better for SEO?

Next.JS is better for SEO, because a website is rendered on the server and then sent to the user’s browser, so search engines’ crawlers are able to index content of the website.

Next.JS website development

Full-stack web development using React.JS and Django

Do you want to build an app, which requires back-end, as well as front-end? We can help you with that. For this purpose we use Django, which is a Python framework, as the API and React.JS as the front-end. Contact with us and provide details about your project.

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