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Website development, setting up Shopify and SEO for your business

Business growth through web services

About our company

Our mission is to make companies grow faster, by delivering them websites tailored to their business needs.

Online presence is currently a must for every company, which wants to stay in the business. The ability to adapt to changes always distinguishes successful companies. It requires a loyal business partner, who will bear in mind the prosperity of your business. It’s also an opportunity to expand the reach of your brand and connect with new customers, who didn’t know about the existence of your company.

Through a combination of different marketing tools, including social media, CRO, SEO and website development services, the results of work are visible after a short period of time.
We try to provide our clients various services set on increasing brand awareness, so that their companies don’t fall behind their competitors and are always recognized as being up to date with all changes.


Professional approach to every project not only ensures desired result, but also saves resources and a lot of time, which could be used unnecessarily. Regardless of the size and complexity of a website, we always treat every project individually and in a specified order, so that we can inform you about the progress on a regular basis and have its all aspects under control.

Collecting guidelines

An initial talk about your expectations and business needs regarding the new website. We will prepare an estimate and sign an agreement with you, securing both parties during the development process.

An initial project for review

We will show you the initial project on our test server. Also, we will listen to your comments and make those changes to the website.

Last changes

After making those changes, we will ask you again to review the project. Then, we will discuss all aspects regarding deployment of the website.


While deploying the website to a live server, we will monitor whether everything works as it should. When all tasks are done, we will listen to your opinion about our company.

Website development

A website builder is a reasonable solution for people that want to present their hobbies on the Internet. Unfortunately, when it comes to companies, which want to reach their target groups, those solutions usually are not enough.

The choice of technology that will be used to create a website is determined based on things like expected traffic on the website, capabilities of hosting and a future strategy for expending the website. We prepare websites using PHP(Laravel) and Python(Django) programming languages.

Our guarantee:
  • After finishing the project, we will give you training, so that managing the website won’t be a problem for you.
  • For a year, we will provide you technical support, solving every issue causing incorrectly working website.
Django web development Laravel web development React web development

Website redesign

Technologies behind the functionality of websites change very dynamically. Every day teams of software developers work on making programming environments better, which then are used to create more advanced and capable of serving large amounts of data websites for small and big companies.

We can admit that every website loses its freshness after 2-3 years from the date of its creation. Although everything still works correctly, current trends may cause that potential clients will less willingly contact the company for more detailed offer.

Benefits of refreshing a website:
  • Thanks to noticeable changes, the website will look fresh, what then will cause lower Bounce Rate.
  • Website adjustment to currently acceptable standards will put the website higher in search results.
Redesign a website
Responsive web development


WordPress is an open-source ready-to-use solution for companies that with less amount of money want to show themselves on the Internet. The software is available to install, almost by all hosting providers and offers many plugins that enrich user experience and functionality of a website. The drawback is that there’s less flexibility during development of a website, therefore some expectations may not be met.

Although the installation of WordPress doesn’t require programming skills, technical decisions may appear during that process.
We perfectly understand that, which is why we try to solve all those problems for you.


Among ready-to-use solutions for eCommerce business, one of the leading is Shopify. The platform allows to start an eCommerce store relatively fast, using monthly subscription. During the purchase, you choose one of the packages. The difference between them is that you get more features, which will help with managing your eCommerce website.

Online selling is a huge step for all companies. The decision whether it’s better to use a platform like Shopify or create your own eCommerce website from scratch, depends on many aspects, including your budget, expected launching date and functionality that you want to achieve. Our company can help you with launching and managing your online selling on Shopify platform, recommending effective solutions and adjusting the platform to your expectations.
When the store already works and brings potential clients, it’s important to focus your attention on conversion rate optimization (CRO), which consists of marketing actions that increase the percentage of visitors, who then become your customers.

Other services


Search engine optimization plays a significant role while developing or maintaining websites. In contrast to such services like redesign or development of a new website, SEO is a continuous process, so it’s difficult to see effects after a short period of time. Usually, it takes a few weeks for changes to impact the website’s position in search results. Also, it’s a multi-task process, as search engines algorithms take into consideration over 200 different factors while deciding, which websites should be displayed on the first page of search results.


Hosting providers often convince to their services offering lower monthly price for the first year. When that period ends, the cost of keeping the hosting dramatically rises. One needs to decide whether it’s better to pay more or move to another hosting company.
We understand that both scenarios can be problematic, so we offer hosting with a fixed monthly cost, which won’t rise after a renewal.


Managing a website and hosting often requires some amount of technical knowledge. Incompetent actions may damage the website or lead to loss of sensitive data.
While managing a website, we always make backups to avoid irreversible damages.

Recently finished projects

Below you can find our recent projects.
Also, we include our own projects, which demonstrate use of specific programming languages and possible functionality of specific website types. Those websites are filled with dummy texts.

Pet hotel Pchelka project

Pet hotel "Pchełka"

A small business website

Our own project

Our own project

Real estate agency

Our own project

Our own project

Dental clinic

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