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Django business website

Web apps with Python

A solid base for building a website

Python is well known for its versatile use. Can be used in data analysis, creating artificial intelligence, building websites and more.

In terms of websites, Python is also appreciated for its performance, a capability to handle huge traffic and low cost of expanding the website, compared for example to Java.

Django developers in the UK

Which Python framework is the best for building websites?

There are two frameworks built with Python that deserve mentioning: Django and Flask. Both have their pros and cons and various use cases. At Rogoz Insight we use Django for building websites with Python.

How long it takes to prepare a website with Django?

It depends on the level of complexity of a website and amount of subpages. Usually, it takes from a few days to even a few months.

Python web development

Website development using Django

We specialize in building websites with Django. The level of security, enormous amount of libraries and flexibility with integrating external services make Django a great choice for every company. You don’t know which technology will be the most suitable for your business needs? Get in touch with us for advice and the approximate price.

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