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Website optimisation

Improve SEO of your WordPress website

Websites built in WordPress often become heavy due to the amount of installed plugins, unnecessary CSS and JavaScript code or a page builder, which was used to design the website.

From May 2021 Google takes as a priority websites that are well optimised and care about good user experience, while visiting them.

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Optimising a WordPress website

What does WordPress optimisation cover?

WordPress optimisation covers several different areas, such as plugin check, compression of static assets, including images, scripts, CSS files, fonts, and even sometimes change of the hosting that the website uses.

The process takes from a few days to several weeks, depending on the amount of subpages and the complexity of the website.

How much does WordPress optimisation cost?

Depending on the current condition of a website, the cost will be different. If you only want to speed up your website and solve issues that appear in a report from Google, then the final price will be determined by the amount of hours spent on improving the website.

In case you are more interested in improving the position of your website in search results, the cost will be split into several payments over the next few months, because results of this kind of work can be seen only after a few weeks.

Wordpress optimisation graphic

Affordable SEO packages

Write to us with a link to your website. We will check it and tell you what we can do to improve your website. Alternatively, describe what is your goal and we will offer you a plan that will help you to achieve that goal.

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