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WordPress website maintenance

Support for your WordPress site

Avoid common issues with WordPress

Maintaining a WordPress website can cause problems sometimes.
The most common issues with WordPress are old and incompatible plugins, which can make your website not working properly.

Do you want to improve the speed of your WordPress website? Check our help with optimising a WordPress website.

Maintaining a WordPress website

How to maintain a WordPress website?

  • Security of your website should always be a priority. One of the mandatory things is to keep plugins updated and the WordPress system itself. To increase the level of security, you can use external services, such as Cloudflare, which will additionally monitor your website and block suspicious traffic.
  • Sometimes, hosting providers also provide additional layers of protection to websites hosted on their servers.
  • We also recommend creating backups of your website, so that when some issues occur, you can easily restore previously working version.

Updating a WordPress website

WordPress website maintenance

When issues occur with your WordPress website, it is good to have a reliable company that will help solve every problem. Write to us for an individual offer for your business.

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