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Analytical tools

Setting up Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

One of the best tools to analyse the traffic on your website is Google Analytics. It is a free tool created by Google, with some paid advanced capabilities.

Google Analytics for an eCommerce store

Analytical tools are especially useful on eCommerce websites, where conversion and understanding a client play a key role.

Adding Google Analytics to a website

How to add Google Analytics to my website?

In order to use this tool, you need a Google account and a few lines of code added to your website’s source files, or a plugin if you use WordPress.
After a couple of days, the traffic will be monitored and will return first insights from Google.

Why Google Analytics is useful?

It helps to understand, who your visitors are and where they are located. It gives you an opportunity to adjust your marketing campaign to new target groups and monitor your current actions.

Adding Google Analytics to a website

Help with setting up and monitoring Google Analytics

Google Analytics also offer more advanced techniques that provide even more insights for your business. Do you need help with setting up this tool? We can quickly do that for you.

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